For the Love of Bikes

Bringing inspiration to every athlete. Believe, Session, Send it!

Welcome to For the love of bikes

Believe, Session, Send it!

For the love of bikes adult clinic series was created by some biker friends who simply love to ride and want to share their passion with other riders to improve skill, confidence, and expand fellowship in the cycling community. Most of all we are ready to work hard empowering our participants to turn up the dial, be safe, enhance skills, and have fun!

Why Join
Our Clinics?

Qualified Instructors, Local Culture, New Friends
Qualified Instructors

Our Coaches have experiences and multiple certifications to include, PMBI, BICP, NICA, PSIA, AASI, WFA, and First Aid CPR AED. We pride ourselves to meet our participants where the are at, build rapport, and adapt the learning partnership toward individual goals.


While our clinics have specific experiences available to help us plan in advance, you can count on meeting other bikers of various ages, genders, and abilities working as team toward forward progress. Believe, Session, Send it!


Our instructors make safety first the top priority. We promise to carefully manage risk and your wellness as our top priority. For group experiences, we will advance to additional skills and features at the safest pace for all.


We offer exceptional value with a personalized approach and community flavor second to none for the price. Our clinics create a culture of fellowship, confidence, fun, and celebrate success as a group.


We are grateful for the amazing locations where we run our clinics and work hard to incorporate local culture, making every event unique. We may source our morning caffeine fix from a nearby coffee shop, highlight fascinating local history and landmarks, and/or invite local guest instructors and riders to join us for parts of the clinic to show us their favorite trails.

Small Groups

Group sizes will not exceed 1 coach to 8 participants, often a second coach or assistant to be included a well. We believe in quality learning partnerships with all our participants.

Bike CLinicS

Improve Skill, Confidence, and Expand Fellowship

Private Coaching

Believe, Session, Send it!

Private Coaching is available as a stand alone experience or often a follow up to a clinic. 2 hour minimum up to a full day experience can be arranged. Take advantage of 1 on 1 time with a Coach at your favorite riding area. They will work with you on your specific goals and fast track your success with an accelerated learning partnership, pictures, videos, and coaches feedback toward your success. Get stoked! We also can arrange private guided events for a small group experience.

To accomodate rescticted schedules or locations, please email us to confirm availability prior to registration and payment.

Once booked, Private lesson payments are non-refundable. Unused hours can be rescheduled or transferred with a 72-hour notice.

$80/hour, 2 hour minimum

Meet the Founders

Meet Coach Brenda, founder of For the Love of BIKES. Her vision is to build confidence in others and have fun riding , one community at a time. Nothing makes her happier than helping others make progress toward unfinished business on the trail. Believe, Session, Send it!

Meet Coach Deb, founder of For the Love of BIKES. Deb loves to ride bikes, help others ride bikes, fixes bikes, and advocates for more places to ride bikes. Her empowering coaching style builds big wins and helps diminish fear with her magical approach. Believe, Session, Send it!


Leave a Venmo tip for your Coach(s)

Tips are not required, however always appreciated if you had a really great experience.

Brenda Thorpe

Deb Leaf


Making Mountain Biking Accessible

We believe the gift of confidence riding bikes and the pure joy of the ride should not be limited to those who don’t possess the means. Our founders have generously provided countless opportunities to get more people on bikes, in varying shapes and sizes. We’d welcome you to donate toward making dreams come true for others. Examples of this include our try it out programs, youth programs, and ladies only programs. We are open to new ideas as well.

To donate click on the link MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE. We are accepting scholarship donations to our fund helping others find joy in riding. If you have an idea or vision not mentioned thus far, click on the set up a chat with one of our founders. We will make time to hear your idea and figure out how we can make it happen together. Thank you for your generosity.